Bird call needs IDing

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Bird call needs IDing


I live in the hinterland surrounded by bush and rainforest on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and I can hear what I think is a bird at dusk making a noise that sounds exactly like if you hit two Indigenous rhythm sticks together.

Click, click, click.

Seems to do it three times, then stops.

Have heard it for years, but never been able to ID where it is coming from.

Any help would be most appreciated.


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Hi Sonya,
Can you describe it a bit more? I don't really know what rhythm sticks sound like but i have heard what I thought was someone tapping on a pipe or hollow wood and often wondered if it was a bird or a person nearby. Like you I am surrounded by bush and rainforesty type vegetation.

Lucky you living in the Hinterland..... I was working up at Maleny last week and got there at 6.30 each morning.... just wanted to take off and listen to all the birdcalls instead of going inside LOL

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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A percussive sound like that is more likely to be a frog. Lots of frogs make noises like that and it is hard to find the source. All the rain recently has the frogs going mad.

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