Brisbane - 3am Wake up Call (Sound file included)

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Brisbane - 3am Wake up Call (Sound file included)

Hi Guys,

Since spring has started there has been 1 bird that is "calling" between 3am to 5:30am, it stops when the sun comes out.

There's normally 13 seconds between each call but to shorten the mp3 file I cut out the gaps.

I'm quite certain the bird is nested up a tree somewhere and not on the ground as there are a lot of cats around the area.

Could you please tell me which bird this is?


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It's a Pied Butcherbird.

It's a male doing it pre-dawn call. He is looking for a female under the cover of darkness.

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Lovely Sinth!

Butcherbirds have beautiful calls

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He wakes me up every morning.

I've tried ear plugs, moving to different parts of the house and putting a fan on (white noise).

The problem is that it is dead silent apart from this one bird. If it was a collection of birds it would be ok.

Luckily it's a seasonal thing so he should be stopping momentarily.

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I dont know how that can bother you!
there is nothing nicer than being 'woken' by birds singing, especially by one as nice as that.

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