Collared Dove?

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Collared Dove?

Hi a couple of months ago a dove flew onto my wheelbarrow it look a young bird still developing feathers. I kept him till his feathers grew and have twice released him/her. The first release he came back to my bedroom window the next day. Last Sunday I released him further from home and today he returned to my back step. Took him three days to return a short distance 5 acres away. He isnt flying correctly, I have decided to keep him. I think he is a collared dove, could anyone please verify this for me.
Also I give him budgie seed, what else could I feed him?

i do have a photo of the bird, but not sure how to include the photo onto this topic? Any suggestions?

Take Care
Denise xxx

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Does he look like this?

(By the way to add an image put use [img*]web address [/img*] (and remove the *'s (only there so code is visible)

If that is what you have, as far as I'm aware they're not native. I posted a topic a while ago asking if anyone else had seen them around. All seed diet is bad. Try adding some veges such as leafy greens (dark leaved lettuce, broccoli, parsley etc) carrot, can try a little fruit as well if he'll eat it. Also some shell grit. Same sorts of things you'd enrich most "seed eating" birds diets with :)

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