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Took these at the Border Ranges National Park on the day of the dust storm but not sure which it is. I'm going for Little Bronze but would like opinions.

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I am not very good at ID'ing Bronze-cuckoos.
But the Little has supposed to have red eye-rings and eyes and this does not seem to have them.
I would go with Shining Bronze-cuckoo, but that is a guess from a rank amateur on my part.
You need an experts opinion on this one, mate.

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Hi B&W and Steve
Like you Steve not real good with bronze cuckoos, only the males of the little have red eye ring so it coud be a female.The 'broken' scollops and lack of unbroken bars on the chin make me think maybe a female of the race russatus, formally a Goulds Bronze Cuckoo now all part of the Little BC complex.

Ed Townsville NQ

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looking at the tail length i assumed it was very immature.

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