Donkey-Bird song ..I.D. anyone?

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Donkey-Bird song ..I.D. anyone?

Hello all,

Newbie here making a request about a bird that continues to wake us up each morning with the dawn. Living in north-Melbourne near the Darebin creek, but in a fairly "suburban" setting.

The bird sings like a donkey. "hee-haw Hee-haw" I haven't any recordings, so I do apologise. A local common Minah is starting to mimic the song, so now I'm "enjoying" it all day.

I have performed a "search" for the word 'donkey' but only one unrelated post came up. I'm sorry if my description of the song is not sufficient for an identification.

thank you all,

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Look for a Channel Billed Cuckoo call here on the birds in backyard website. Go- bird finder in the collumn on the left, then under browse drop down the list and go to top 40 bird songs . You will find a sound file there you can listen to.

See Yez

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I doubt Channel-billed Cuckoos have extended as far south as Melbourne.
There have been a few reports from Canberra this season, but that's about their limit (southwards). Perhaps further south, along the coast.
Given Global Warming it will spread further south - over the years.

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Thank you Trev and Denis -

Trev - I did as you suggested and listened to the soundfile. unfortunately it is not the bird I'm after. I listened to a lot of the files and could place quite a few bird-calls though.

Denis - thank you for the geographical clarifications.

I am a very -amateur- bird enthusiast so I really do appreciate that you both have taken the time to respond. I know that I've got to get out of bed earlier and see if I can spy my particular feathered freind and hopefully will be able to I.D. thorugh images.

Thank you both again,


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