Green faced honey eater

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Green faced honey eater

I am assuming that this is a juvenile bird half way to turning blue? or could it be some different strain of the family gene?

Also what do they do when they strip the bark and the palm fronds?

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Hi Birdie,

Nice photos. Yeah I think they're juveniles. I think they're looking for insects under the bark.

There are heaps around my place. They're always fighting with noisy miners. Cheeky things!


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Likewise Andy, but at least they can give as good as they get from the noisies!!
They really make a noise rattling through all the palms near the pool and I can never work out if they are looking for food or if there is another attraction with the plant material.Like sharpening their beak? ( or is it bill .. I get confused with that distinction)



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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you are right it is the juvenile banna brd as we call them up here and yes as they become adults they turn blue


Hi Birdie,they are searching for food.

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