Juvenile cockatoo?

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Juvenile cockatoo?

What does a juvenile cockatoo sound like?
I keep hearing a bird that sounds like its dying, its definitely a cocky of some sort. Could be sulphur crested or corella. High up in a tree, basically just a very rough squawk with a short honk type sound at the end.
I have heard it before but never see the bird.
Could it just be another cockatoo noise, or is it a juvenile/ Or some other bird altogether?

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Hi Magpie,

Could it be a channel-billed cuckoo? I've always thought their call could be described as a honking squawk. I think there's a sound file of the cbc call on the BIBY website.


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No its definitely not a channel billed.
Its certainly a large parrot, you can just tell by the squawk.
its a very rustic sound on the outer breath and when it takes a breaht its like a short 'honk'

I've recorded it in very low quality on my phone, im now attempting to get that on the computer and convert it, might take me a while to figure that out though!

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The only other minute possiblity is that its a water bird of some sort as Im across the road from a lake. However I have heard this sound before when no water was around.

It goes for several hours during each day and in the same tree so Im just assuming its a juvenile waiting to be fed.. hopefully i can get this sound file up.

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