Koel - female or young

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Koel - female or young

Was about to get in the car to go out today when I noticed a new visitor to our front garden. I'd never seen one before, so I quickly went inside (lucky hubby was staying home so I didn't have to unlock everything) and grabbed the camera. After getting a few shots, I continued with my errands. On coming home, I downloaded the pics and set about identifying the newcomer.
I've settled on Koel, but not sure if it is a female or a youngster.. the feathers around it's breast looked somewhat fluffy.. what I tend to associate with young birds.
As I said, I've never seen one before, but interestingly, a couple of days ago I did see a black bird fly into a neighbours tree and I was sure it wasn't a crow.

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Hi NormaB

The brown eye would indicate a young bird, adult have a red eye.

Ed Townsville NQ

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And the black one would be the adult male Koel :)
The long tail gives them away.

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