Musk or Freckled Duck?

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Musk or Freckled Duck?

I saw a pair of ducks on a pond in Canberra near the new development out in Gungahlin, and I could not tell if they were musk ducks or freckled ducks. From a distance they looked black and had a posture like a hardhead, but through my binoculars they definitely had a fine grey speckle and dark eyes. Neither had the pouch of the musk duck pictured in my field guide, and both had very erect tails with sort of 'needle' feathers fanned out (again, very different to the filed guide).
I got more confused when I looked at the COG website as from the photos there it could have been either.
What features are best to look for when distinguishing these two?

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The beak.

The freckled duck has a upturned beak.

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Don't see any of these in Townsville, but from the description maybe a female Blue-billed Duck fits?

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