Raptor id (no photo)

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Raptor id (no photo)

Hi everyone, (sorry if this posts multiple times; website keeps telling me to log in even when I'm logged in.)

I not very familiar with birds of prey, so was hoping someone might be able to help me with identification. (I'm certain the bird was a BoP.)

Size: The BoP appeared to be the size of a crow (which is what I thought it was at first).

Colour: I think that its upperparts were a rusty brown. Its underparts, including the underside of its wings, were definitely rusty brown, and were heavily and distinctly barred (with a paler colour).

Shape: I think this will either be very unhelpful, or very helpful. Shape did not appear distinctive in any way. Tail wasn't overly long or short, and I didn't notice a fork or any fanning. Wings weren't disproportionately long, weren't angled back, and weren't heavily fringed.

Flight: It wasn't soaring. It was just flying straight with regular wingbeats.

Location: Brisbane. This area is surrounded by native bushland, probably would be called "dry".

Any tips would be appreciated. The most distinctive feature, and the feature of which I am certain, was the rusty brown and heavily barred underparts. So perhaps it was a Brown Goshawk or Collared Sparrowhawk? I am quite familiar with Pacific Bazas, and am fairly confident this BoP wasn't a baza.

Looking forward to hearing suggestions!



It could be one of the birds you mentioned,I'll take a punt, I barely know anything about birds but I'll say maybe a black/brown falcon?

Most likely my guesses are totally off, but I like to try :)

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