Small bird with Olive Breast?

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Small bird with Olive Breast?

Hello, I am new here and I have just taken up this exciting new hobby of bird watching.
I am trying to identify a little bird I spotted last week.
I observed a small bird plucking the fluff off my freshly laundered towels hanging on the clothes line.
I noticed it had an olive colour on its breast and a dark stripe going from the eye area down to the nape. The back and wings were brownish tones.
I would consider size and build to be between a wren and a house sparrow.

Thanks, ScarletRose.

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Hi Denis of Robertson,
I'm near Kingaroy, South East Queensland.
It wasn't the Bell Bird/Miner.
Maybe Brown-Headed Honey Eater, I can't be sure.
I hope now that I have Binoculars I will spot it again.
I will hang the towels out and keep watch.
Thanks, ScarletRose

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G'day Denis. And I thought I was the only person who makes noises at birds! :^D

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