Some Sorta Parrot

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Some Sorta Parrot

I found this in my backyard. I've done a bit of a search on the Internet and cannot find what sort of parrot it is.

The bird itself is quite used to humans so I imagine it is an escaped caged bird, so it is probably not local to the area (we're in Melbourne), and is possibly an overseas bird.

Does anybody know what it is?

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Hi Kauos,

I can only see a tiny bit of the bird in the photo, but I think it is a male scarlet-chested parrot. I think that they do not naturally occur in Melbourne, so I guess (like you suggested) that it is an aviary escape. Lovely looking bird.


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Thanks Andy,

It is actually a complete picture (you have to right click and view image), its just that the webpage cuts the rest of it off.

And yes it is a scarlet chested parrot. I ended up making the assumption that it was a pet bird, and started looking at what pet parrots were available, and eventually found the Scarlet Chested Parrot.

I appreciate your time though. It was really bugging me that I couldn't find out what sort of bird it was.

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