Two tailed lizards???

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Two tailed lizards???

Hi everyone, I found a two tailed lizard today, could you help me to identify it?

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Hi Cameraman
I don't know the species, but if you are in Victoria, the Museum there has a very good site on Victorian reptiles.
AusMus has some images under their wildlife of Sydney pages, as well, but the Victorians obviously have allowed their specialists some greater liberty with their website.
Re the tail, many Lizards can regrow tails, if they have been injured. Yours is a very good example of one where an injury has triggered the regrowth, without it having lost the original. At least that is what I understand. I have read of such cases, but not seen such a good example before.
Hopefully the BiBY administrators will pick this image up and pass it to their reptilian-fancying colleagues.
great work.

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Certainly a sort of abnormality

Here is a similar one:

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I got it identified by a preservation society. They said that it was an Eastern Water Skink, which was hurt in the tail and grew back another tail while the original tail was still intact. Just like what Denis said.

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An x-ray would show which was the original ( with vertebrae) and the regrowth.

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