What baby (?) bird is this?

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What baby (?) bird is this?

Hi there :-)

We found this little bird in our backyard today and it is hanging around, we think it might be a baby as it is mainly walking around and only flew a bit when our cat came after it (cat locked up inside now).

The bird puffs up its feathers if get too close.

[img]http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6170/6205586933_f88d3ab4ce.jpg [/img]

Any ideas?

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I think it looks like a king quail.


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Yes its a adult male king quail,the puffing up is a bluff to make him look bigger(it only works on other king quail)most probably an escapee,but they are becoming more common in the wild and the males are on the move at the moment looking for females, we have a couple calling near us

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Good on you for keeping your cat locked up inside, melodious.

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