What is it?

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What is it?

This may sound a little stupid but I can't identify this bird.
It is completely brown , no spots or patterns, no other colours. It's beak is an average size and is black. It has beady black eyes. It's about the same size as a common blackbird, maybe a bit smaller. It's pretty cautious and isn't comfortable with people. It's nesting in my tree at the moment, and I just want to know it's breeding patterns, diet etc out of curiousity and my general interest in birds. Can anyone help me?

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Hi tabbo,
And welcome to the forum!
I can't really help with the ID, but some more information might help for anyone who has an idea.
Some questions that might help out are:
- what part of the country are you in?
- are there any particular calls it makes?
- does it have any distinguishing features? (I guess not from what you've said)
- have you seen it's behaviour, such as feeding? is it a nectar eater, insect eater etc?
- does it spend time on the ground or just in the tree etc?
Good luck and have fun with your bird observing.


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A wild guess, Female or immature Blackbird. Ray

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