'Whip bird' call, Brisbane River

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'Whip bird' call, Brisbane River

Live near the Brisbane River and have not seen this bird however I hear its very distinctive call. The call is loud, strong and very clear; it's sounds like 'whip bird, whip bird' or 'whip boo, whip boo'. The call is 2 toned. I hear 1 to 3 calls at a time, a couple of times a day.

I have checked all the 40 birds calls on this website, and I have not heard a call/bird like it.

Coud someone tell me what bird it maybe and then a link to the call - so can check it out.

Thank you.

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Thanks magpie, no this is not the bird. I have been through all 40 calls on this site and could not find a similar call.

The 'whip bird' or 'whip boo' is 2 toned and very quick. Like if some-one said 'whip bird' or 'whip boo' very very quickly. It is repeat twice to 3 times.

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Hi Kate1
Your description reminds me of the call of the Black-faced Monarch (a Flycatcher), which lives in dense rainforest gullies. It has a strong call.
It is known locally as the "Whit-Chew" bird. a reference to its call.
Have a listen from this page.
Incidentally, there are far more calls on this website than 40. I suspect you were not on the full list "Bird Finder" - which has 343 listed. Not all have calls, but a large number do.
Hope my suggestion helps you.

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Thanks DenisWilson, no that is not the bird. This 'whip bird' or 'whip boo' call is a very strong sound. Im thinking the bird could be a water bird, as its heard just near the Brisbane River. Also I'm thinking it may just call when flying.

Im only new to this site and have only found the 40 bird calls.

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Hi, we live in Caboolture near Sheep Station Creek and often hear the call of the whip bird, however over the last couple of days one has been calling consistently very close to our front door. We are surrounded by fairly dense vegetation and close to an environmental park. We have been here for 20 yrs and sadly have seen the decline of koala numbers. It was a joy to hear the whip bird so close.

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