bird sounds

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bird sounds

Are there any other bird sites out there that carry sounds. I have a bird here that I have never seen but hear often and my bird sound cd doesnt have it on there.
It sounds like a raptor kind of screech ( sort of) that goes on and on for a few mins at a time.

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Actually I just found an area on here with all the bird sounds they have listed and I may have answered my own Qu. I think it is a cuckoo, probably a Pallid. Doesnt sound quite like that one as mine has the same note on and on. But it does sound like the same noise.
Now just to see it..........

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Hi Daggert
Bird calls on the web are good to find.
The ABC archives have some calls (pretty basic ones useful for soundtracks of Aussie stories).
The BiBY bird finder has calls associated with many species (but not all). Of course the species list is NSW oriented, which is a limitation for other states.
If you have other sources, could you pls post a general link to the site you have found?

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