could be error in i'd book?

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could be error in i'd book?

g'day bird watchers,

until yesterday i have never reffered to these pages for i'ding birds.

the reference source is: 'Simpson & Day' 'Field Guide to the Birds of Aus'', the fifth edition.

on page 142 to colour plates show parrot's #369 to be 'red-rumped parrots', and similarly #370 as being 'mulga parrot's' to me it looks like and error? probably not though hey?

what i was trying to do was identify a parrot that abc of recent days featured about this parrot (featured 2.30pm friday the 28th called "the smartest parrot") that looked very similar what in the book is the red rumped parrot, but on the show i saw no red on the male bird and she was fairly drab as parrots go, then last night we saw a similar bird featured in a mulga tree section of a 'eucalypt doco'' that the abc also ran yesterday.

so a belated seasons greeting to one and all and a happy new year.


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haven't got that book, or seen the Tv program :(
the Red-Rump males are the ones WITHOUT the red on their bellies, they also do not have the tiny bit of red on the back of their head,or a yellow band/blotch above the nostrils.

All they have is the red rump and a yellow underbelly....

I have confusion with lots of birds:)

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g'day binjy,

mmm well birs #369 in the book "red-rumped" parrot has yellow underbelly, abd basically on top from head down blue green and various shades of green she has buff belly and sort of light drab green colour over her back. no sign of red on him at all.

bird # 370 "mulga Parrot" has red underneath from legs to vent. but has yellow blotch above nostrilsshe more colourfull that the other female.

so the book is likely right.



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