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We saw these two arrive this afternoon. I have actually found them and believe them to be Channel Billed Cuckoos, if anybody can verify that would be great. The site says they lay their eggs in magpie or currawong or crow's nests. I have not seen a currawong since living up here though so I assume the poor old maggies and crows are bringing up their young. The other thing that I noted was how every bird on our property, except for our kookaburras, swooped and attacked these two mercilessly. Could this be because they know that they are parasitic and are trying to scare them away from laying in their nests?

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Hi CQbirdwatcher
Yes, absolutely correct ID - CB Cuckoo.
Cuckoos of all descriptions get harassed by other birds. Presumably they are seen to be a threat to the host species (which they are). And yet, once raising the young starts, the host parents work themselves crazy trying to satisfy the needs of the young - so whatever "threat" posed by the adult cuckoos, is over-ridden by the begging and/or the parental instincts.
CB Cuckoos can make an amazing cackling noise, especially when mating, and very early in the morning (as with most Cuckoos).
Good work.

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