eagle / kite?

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eagle / kite?

Can I get an ID of these birds please. They were taken on very overcast day so rather crap shots( to put it blunt)

Denis, I was wondering if you could put the link in to your blog on how to tell eagles /kites apart.
Thanks in advance.

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Taken at Kwinana, near the grain terminal. I saw either 5 or 6 birds this early this morning.

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Forgive me. Taken early this morning. Maybe I should go and have a nap. Kwinana is on the coast of West Aust.

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Hi Dagggert
Nice of you to remember my Eagle/Kite discussions
Firstly, let me say I think it is a Whistling Kite.
The golden head in the last image, and the posture look right for that bird.
I have saved and adjusted your image of the bird in flight, and it shows two features of interest.
Firstly there is a strong shallow, dark rectangular pattern in the underwing, which looks like Whistling Kite. Secondly, it appears to have bare legs, which rules out Little Eagle.
Its not a fork-tailed (Black ) Kite (tail not V shaped)
It is not a Harrier - wing angle wrong (they hold their much higher (deeper V shape).
Sorry, I have never mastered uploading photos here, so I will give you a link, which hopefully will work.
Here is my post discussing separating the lIttle Eagle and Whistling Kite.
Hope these notes help.

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Yeah after looking at an earlier thread of the egret and kite (best photos) I could see the similarities in them.
Thanks Denis I knew you'd know!

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