grey shrike thrush?

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grey shrike thrush?

I think this bird may be a Grey Shrike Thrush, but the pics of it on BIBY and some other places dont show any dark stripes on the neck/breast. To me the dark stripes were the main distinguishing feature, although they don't show up too well in the pics. Can anyone confirm that this is what the bird is? (or not!)
The bird appeared to be foraging for insects on the ground, and then hopped up a tree trunk and really got stuck into ripping bits of bark off! Location is southern tassie.



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Hi Zoidberg

The image aganst the tree is diagnostic. Brown "saddle", large eye, beak is right - for GST.
The image in the grass is taken at an awkward angle, but is probably right. (I assume it is the same bird?)
Large beak is always a clue.
Check my images of GSTs on this post.
Juvenile GST do have fine stripes on breast.


Thanks for that!
Yes now that you mention it, it did have noticeably large eyes and beak, although those shots didn't show it all that well. I guess it must be a young one then, good to know they must be breeding around here somewhere.
The one in the grass isn't the best as it was down a steep hill from where i was. I am pretty sure it was the same bird, but i could be wrong as there were a fair few birds in the same area at the same time.
Thanks for the linked pics - yes that does look as i remember it.
The other pics are lovely on that page! great grotto!

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