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hopefully this has attached my picture (its my 1st attempt!)
I would love to know what this lovely bird is who visited my garden one evening-he/she was interested in my pond and was not at all bothered my the interest he created- there was an audience of 8 all pointing and ooh-ing and ahh-ing at him.

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sorry this has attached something completely wrong!!! SORRY!

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Hi squeezzi, you must have had something else in your copy/paste cache as you have pasted a link to an article from 9msn in error. (I wish I hadn't watched it as it was really distressing to see that poor woman!!) :-(
If you had had the right link, you still missed out the slash before the 2nd img reference. Remember to copy the image location of your pre uploaded image ( ie uploaded to flickr or something like that). You get the image location by right clicking on the image in the site where you are copying it from.
Hope that is clear !! ( as mud probably!)
Good luck

Sunshine Coast Queensland


Don't give up Squeezzii, I did all the same things.
At least you managed to post something.

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Hi Squeezzii, here is you image along with the string you use to post it.

Also have a look at the "how do you do it' blurb I added to your other post.

It gets easier just keep posting stuff



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Hi again almost forget when you post images make sure that they are under ~500 pixel wide or they will be chopped off to the right.


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VernJ - you star! thank you- I dont know how you did it and whats more I still dont know how come I cant do it!
If anyone can suggest what this bird is then I would be very happy-I am having a guess at some sort of Bittern but I am a novice at identification.I am new to OZ and want to familiarize myself with the lovely birdlife you have here.We are in Perth area. He appeared on our garden shed (overlooking our fishpond) he was completely unfazed by 8 people standing around pointing at him. He stayed for at least 1/2 an hour before flying to a tree showing his wingspan to be bigger than we expected (approx 60 cms if memory serves) he stood approx 30cms tall
thanks for your help everyone


This is only a stab in the dark, possibly its an Immature Australasian Bittern.

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G'day Squeezii,
You were missing a / before img inside the square bracket at the end of the location, thus img inside square brackets at the beginning, /img inside square brackets at the end.

Hope this helps, Sue

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Hi Squeezii
I think it may be a Juv Rufous Night Heron, much more likly to be tame around people than a bittern.

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