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Have a photo of an unusual visitor to mey backyard. How do I insert a photo into the forum?

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Hi Sewal, I learnt from others. I went and created a photo albume to share with public. The photo I uploaded have "web address".
Then in the Forum here,
You type in
[img]web adress[/img]

Other people may have better ideas.
Good luck

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No HTML is allowed in your message. Basic Formatting Rules:
... for bold
... for italics
... for code
[pre]...[/pre] for preformatted text
... for URLs
for images

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I give up....

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Formatting works on a begin tag and end tag system.

Tags are enclosed in square brackets.

So b and /b in square brackets at each end of a word make it bold

For a photo the tags are img and /img

You need to have your photo online somewhere like the gmail site above or Flickr, and you need to get that photo's URL or web address.

Put the img tag in square brackets at the beginning of the photo's address and the /img in square brackets at the end of the photos address.

The tags are given above the reply text box.

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After having e-mailed my grandchildren some photos taken this morning (21 Oct. 2008) of a Twany Frogmouth nest with a pair of young chicks, I thought it was an idea to upload the photos to this web-site for others to benefit.

That is just too hard to do. Why so difficult ? Not worth the hassle and the time. Should be a simple process as it is on other web-sites.

“Well camouflaged Tawny Frogmouth nest in Jacaranda tree.
Close-up telephoto of adult bird with a couple of young chicks.
21 October 2008 in Pullenvale (a Western Brisbane suburb)”

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I apologise to those having trouble uploading photos. I know many other forums have easier systems.
While we have to use this one at the moment we are looking to upgrade in the near future.


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