trying again

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trying again

I hope this works this time

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keep trying, better luck next time...

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Ed Townsville NQ

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a forward slash in front of the second img is missing.... [/img]. Are you trying to upload from your desktop? the file name suggests so, that will not work.You need to up-load to a hosting site first and download/link to that, try Flicka.

Ed Townsville NQ

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We need a URL for an image - it should start with http and end with .jpg for example

And the image ideally should be medium size around 500 x 300.

The easiest way to do these things is through an upload site like Flickr

When you have you URL for a medium image, then you copy it here and put "img" at the beginning and "/img" at the end - but use square brackets [ ] instead of the quotes.

We all learnt the hard way, trying someing and getting advice when it didn't work :-)

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