what hoo is that?

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what hoo is that?

There is a new call in the village and it sounds like an owl. I've listened to all of the owl recordings on the site and there isn't one even close.
It sounds just like a single blow in a wine bottle. There is only one hoo at a time and it is low. This is happening in the daytime.
Any ideas?
I'm located on the NSW south coast in a tiny village bordering on dairy land and bush.

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Probably a pigeon. :-(

- soakes

Olinda, Victoria, Australia

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The White-headed Pigeon has a call that is very deep and
penetrating 'HOO hoo' The 2nd 'hoo' being mauch quieter and a little lower in pitch as well. It is a very owl-like sound but occurs during the day.

Happy birdwatching!


I think the bronzewings make a similar sound to that as well (not sure if both common and brush)

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