Identifying birds by call?

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Identifying birds by call?

I'm struggling to identify some birds in my local area by their call. Can anyone recommend a site, app or any advice on how to distinguish different birds? Thanks in advance. 

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Practice, Susan, practice. And throw in a little patience & perseverance. It'll come.

If you're into hitech, you could try recording calls on your smart phone & then posting the files here for people to identify.

The other thing you might try is Michael Morcombe's app which includes calls of many birds.

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I second Woko's suggestion of the Morecombe app, it's good for confirming or refuting an initial guess.

But you do need to be able to guess what the bird is first, as you need to go to the species and then listen to the calls.

There are some bird song ID apps around, but I haven't tried any of them personally.

You could try searching google for "australian bird call id app" or similar.

This thread has some hints too...


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Thanks woko!

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Thanks timmo. I downloaded the Morecombe app and saw it has a very limited number of bird identification. (The Lite version, I can't afford the paid.) I'll Google for some other apps that hopefully will have more ID's. 

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I have the Morecombe bird book, I think it’s the beast bird book iv ever read. I never new there was an app.

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