I'm looking for their name

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I'm looking for their name

I know it's a Hakea, but I would lobe to know the name. I planted it last year, it has masses of tiny flowers and the birds love it.

The second one is a Grevillea, I think, if you know the name, that would be great, thanks.

Night Parrot
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Araminta as you know there are so many cultivars, but this mob might be able to help you. Noice they have an amateur photography competition; some of your photos combining native birds/native plants would surely be winners.

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Thanks so much for the link, also for pointing out the photo competitionyes I will give it a go, I have a fewwink photos somewhereblush

Are you a member?


Night Parrot
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No I am not a member but I once attended a couple of meetings of the local SGAP (Society for Growing Australian Plants). Not sure if this mob is linked or has been renamed. They give good friendly advice and are very helpful to people first setting up suburban gardens. Also a handy source of cheap tubestock. Some of their members are very keen and have beautiful gardens that enhance their neighbourhood and contribute greatly to bird habitat. Like BIBY, I think they should advertise more and grow the organisation.

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I think Society for Growing Australian Plants SGAP is now Australian Plant Society APS. They have autumn & spring plant sales at Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide. An extremely encouraging aspect of their plant sales is that by the time I arrive all the plants indigenous to the Adelaide area have been sold. If I'm to get any of the indigenous plant action I'll need to camp out the night before.

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Hi all,

Sorry for a brief (not-so-brief?) hijack M-L


           Sorry, Woko, not quite that simple...

          The national body is ANPSA - Australian Native Plants Society (Australia), which was formerly ASGAP - Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants. The individual state organisations are as follows:

  • Society for Growing Australian Plants


  • Australian Plants Society

New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria

  • Australian Native Plants Society


  • Wildflower Society of Western Australia

Western Australia

We are holdouts here in Qld, as some here think it important to maintain the original name as it says what we're about (i.e. the growing and cultivation of native plants, particularly in gardens) rather than being more generically about plants.

I couldn't care less either way, I'm a member here in Qld because there are a lot of people with good knowledge about fascinating native plants, both local, endemic and broader ranging.

I have been involved in the growing and sale of local native plants at our sales, and (in a brief plug if that's OK) we have one coming up at the end of the month at Mt Coot-tha  Gardens on August 31 and September 1.

<end hijack>

OK, back to topic. As far as the plants go, I would suggest the Grevillea is possibly a Grevillea rosemarinifolia or cultivar of same.

The best fit I could find for the Hakea is Hakea decurrens. The Hakea is (perhaps) more likely to be a species than a cultivar, as they are not as commonly hybridised as Grevilleas, as far as I know.


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Hi M-L, if the second one is one of the smaller Grevillea x varieties (50cm & under for pots?), I'd say it's possibly one of the Grevillea alpina x rosmariniflolia genus/species.  There is a whole range, by various commercial nurserys, which are pretty much supplied to most of Australias' retail nurserys because they're such a fantastic bird plant.  These guys http://www.austraflora.com are one really popular supplier and their plants are found at many plant nurserys throughout Australia, (the tag on each plant actually depicts a honeyeater of varying types) - we have a few of them ourselves and your Grevillea looks pretty similar to their "Charlies Angel" or "Bonnie Prince Charles" Grevillea. I'm no expert by any means though smiley.  The have pics up there too if that's any help? smiley

West Coast Tasmania

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Thanks to all of you . I have to do this quickly, my line cuts in and out. We are having difficulties with Telstra here in Gembrook (Vic) , they can't provide us with any lines that work when it rains. That is rediculous, or is it? We can't do business every time it rains.

So , I found the tag that was on the little plant, it just says: Grevillea Fireworks., an other is called Grevillea Rhyolitica. Both stay small.

I will go out on the weekend and plant some more of the smaller ones.

If I'm not back, it's Telstra's fault. They won't come out to fix anything until the 14th. Lovely, isn't it?


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Hi Timmo. Thanks for bringing me up to speed. Why am I not surprised it's all so complicated?

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