Important updates for you on the Birds in Backyards website

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Important updates for you on the Birds in Backyards website

Hi everyone,

There are some important changes to Birds in Backyards in the wings, and I want to let everyone on the forums know ahead of time. Look out for an email in a few days with more details.

You don’t need to do anything yet, but soon, when you want to access the members-only areas on the Birds in Backyards website (the forum or the surveys), you’ll need to log in using the BirdLife Australia log in system. We’ll let you know when you need to start doing this through an email (but not yet—we’ll provide the details when you need to make the switch and make it super easy as well).

This small change will help us deliver exciting new updates to the program this year. It will improve your Birds in Backyards experience and, by being better integrated into the BirdLife Australia family, it will streamline things so we can focus our attention on the birds in your backyard. This new log in will also be your access to the backyard bird surveys on Birdata once they go live in the coming weeks. Don't worry, we'll let you know when that happens as well!

So just sit tight, more details will be coming to your inbox soon!

Happy birding!

Monica (& Holly)

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