Indigenous Plants in Small Areas

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Indigenous Plants in Small Areas

Hi, fellow posters. From time to time posters have expressed the view that because of lack of space where they live they're unable to plant species which will attract birds & other wildlife. For an alternative view go to

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What a great link Woko, thanks for that.


I have a 'gardening in small spaces' piece here on biby too but that site looks fantastic.

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Good site Woko. There are thousands of empty balconies around the cities crying out for a bit of greenery. Stark building facades could be transformed with a wall of plants and all the better if native plants are used. I wonder if Costa has ever done a feature on this.

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Thanks, Woko, that's a really interesting link.

Native flora is a bit of a passion of mine and new ideas on how to incorporate it in urban environs is always welcomed.


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Our new front "lawn" after the drought made us re-think it!  Not a small space for some but we wanted a low maintenance feature and indigenous plants in piles of clay and washed sand mulch were a big success. We several small bird species in residence now, a great show in spring and weeding  the sand is EASY! 

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Nice! Plenty of strata variety, great litter. Do you know which small bird species you have?

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