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Hello fellow bird lovers,being lucky enough to have large open space behind back fence I love walking and hearing/seeing suburban birds.

at 330am today I was woken by the unfamiliar sound of ?bush/beach curlew .I say unfamiliar as I have not heard them for few years although I have seen them around the Gold Coast  ie Catching the G TRAM in Southport!

Thus this is how I found this amazing site and promptly joined at some ungodly hour!

Off now to walk dog and listen to my bird friends waking up the neighbourhood!


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hello and welcome

good to see someone who enjoys being woken by birdsong


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Does anyone know which cuckoo I am hearing NOT seeing!on Gold Coast .frequenting large gumtree where by sheer luck (not) a crows nest is situated high up!My birdie sister has taught me the song it makes but tell me I won't see it .Well ....out to prove her wrong.Help!

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Welcome, is the cuckoo a Pacific Koel?

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No worked out its a Fan Tailed Cuckoo 

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