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Bird lover in the city

Hi, my name is Jenee (that's pronounced Jenny FYI) and I live in Princes Hill, Melbourne - for those of you who don't know where that is, it's part of North Carlton. I've been watching birds for a long time, starting with the magpies at my grandmothers house in the country when I was a young girl. My family and I spent many years traveling to Marlo at Gippsland for our annual holidays and were fortunate enough to see a huge variety of birds including Gang Gangs and Yellow Tailed Cockatoos. I'm lucky enough now to have Yellow Tailed Cockatoos fly by my house at various times of the year and since our children are grown and we no longer do the annual holiday it's nice that they (the cockies) come to visit me!

I expect that a lot of birds have had to find different habitats since the terrible fires in February - that combined with the drought has meant a lot of birds foraging in the city.

Anyway, I'm also an avid photographer (posted some shots in the photo forum already) and hope to be capturing some interesting shots of whatever flies my way. Tomorrow I hope to snap the two Slender Billed Eastern Corella's that were in Princes Park yesterday and today.

Wish me luck, dog on lead in one hand, camera in the other.

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Welcome aboard and all the best. Hard enough photographing birds without a dog in the other hand. At least the dog can be an excuse to get out of the house with your camera.

See Yez


Welcome to the forum Jenee.

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Thanks for your welcomes, I look forward to sharing stories and sightings with everyone.

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