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First posting as a member,this site is very useful both for myself and grandchildren. The photos are helpful in that I have been able to identify a couple of my visitors. My area, even though it is suburban, has a great variety of birds as we seem to be in a bird corridor, each time there is a new subdivision we seem to host even more species.

This morning there was a parade of parrots - white cocktoos galahs, king parrots, rosellas and rainbow lorikeets as well as all the ususal suspects - they all turn up for a feed when it rains! It must really be spring - the common koel or as I know it, the stormbird, has arrived.

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Welcome to the site Birdsong!,being a newby myself it seems to be a great site for education in many forms.Looking forward to seeing your photo posts!


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Welcome aboard to you both, hope you enjoy the site for a long time to come. Looking forward to reading your contributions.

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Welcome to the forum Birdsong, I am pleased to see that you and your Grandchildren have already found the site to be useful.

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