D'Day from Goulburn

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D'Day from Goulburn

G'Day all,

Just joined the group and thought I'd better say G'Day.

I'm John, I Come from a place called Yarra, 20Ks south of Goulburn NSW.

I've been into photography for many years and recently I've discovered my passion photographing birds.

I find this a real challenge, It' not easy getting close enough to get a sharp image. But I'll keep trying...

Also, I have a few books on Identifying Australian birds but I can't always find the exact one, So I thought I would Join the group and maybe get some Help and advice.

Hoo Roo, John

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Good afternoon John,

I live just up the road from you near Middle Arm. You can get some bird information at the Visitor Information Centre from the Goulburn Field Naturalists Society (that's naturalists not naturists). If I can be of any service ask for Jenny Falconer there and ask for contact details for the bloke who compiled that list. At the moment we're working on a wetlands bird hide to be ready for a birdo get together in March. you may like to come along. If you've got decent lenses I promise there'll be stacks of unusual things to photograph.

What sort of gear do you have? My 200mm lens is pretty pathetic for most birds: I really need 500mm or equivalent unless I do the bird hide thing with a non-threatening set of bird calls and playing device nearby. It is a gre4at photo of the crimson rosella though.

Stay in touch if you like.

Greetings from the northern Southern Tablelands of NSW

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Hi Poephila,

Thanks,I will contact the visitors centre.
Where are you building the wetlands bird hide?
I'd be interested in helping/attending
Re Gear I use a Nikon D2H and a F5, My birding Lenses are Nikon 80-200 F2.8,Nikon 300 F4, ED80 600mm F7.5 and a Nikon Tc20E. Mounted on a Gitzo G415 tripod,Arca swiss head and wimberly sidekick. It's all a few years old but seems to work well.
My problem is me not my gear!!

Hoo Roo, John

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G'day John, welcome to the forum.
If you're interested in photographing birds, check out [link=http://www.birdingoz.com/]BirdingOz.com[/link]. It's a great little site which caters to photographers of all skill. If you really want to improve your technique, then this is the place to do it. The guys there are very friendly and always willing to offer helpful advice.

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