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I am very, very new to this site.
I love having the birds visit my garden & so I thought it was time to talk with others who felt the same.
I have won first prize for my garden, two years running.
I guess you would say my garden is mostly cottage but I do have natives planted as well.
I live on the south coast of NSW.

Until I figure out the rest,
Have fun birdwatching,
From Green

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Hi Green,

Welcome to the forum. It's great being able to chat with other birdy people. I look forward to hearing about the birds that visit your garden.


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Thx Andy for making me feel very welcome.
I shall fill u in on my 'visitors' ASAP.
Cheers from Green :-)

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Welcome Green :)

I would love to see some photos of your prize winning garden. What birds do you get visiting?

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Thx to all for making me feel welcome :-)
Some of the regular visitors to my garden are:
Red Wattlebirds
Spotted turtle doves (nesting at the moment)
Common Blackbirds (nesting at the moment)
Rainbow Lorrikeets
Noisy miners
Superb Fairywrens
Satin bowerbirds
to name a few. Some just pop in for drink from the 7 birdbaths, some have nested, others for a feed of nectar or for bugs/grubs. Once I figure out how to load photos, I will do my best to display them on this site.
Cheers from
Green :-)

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G'day Green, welcome to the forums.
Congrats on the Garden. It sounds very bird friendly indeed. I'ld love to see a piccie of your garden, and what plants you've used. Did you plan your garden specifically for birds?

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I didn't really have a plan for the garden, it just grew (pardon the pun).
The plants I have used are as follows
Banksia Roses
and lots of cottage plants.

I have about 40 trees in the garden, block size is 639 square metres and that includes our house. Not a very big place really, but the birds come daily.
There are trees for nesting in or resting on. There are plants to hide in.
I try not to use chemical sprays on any bugs I find in the garden, the birds just might want a feed, LOL.
I have 8 birdbaths scattered around the garden. I do my best to keep them topped up. I have placed little rocks or half bricks in the birdbaths, for the smaller "visitors".

I have noticed over the last few days, a peewee is taking ownership of one of the birdbaths! He/she thinks no-one else should be near said bath & when I'm out near it, the said bird becomes very bossy! Gotta love 'em.

There is a baby spotted turtle dove in a nest in my Banksia Rose at the moment. The rose has grown over the arbour & the baby bird was seen flapping it's wings today, must be close to flying, me thinks.

I hope this "little" note is somewhat informative.
Cheers from Green :-)

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Hi Green. I'm new too. Did you get a birdbath for Christmas? (I noticed you've gone from seven to eight.) My hubby seems to think four are more than enough. I'm working on him :-)

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Hello Wallabee,
Yes I got a new birdbath for Christmas.
My husband bought it for me, but it could also be a birdfeeder too.
I guess it would be more ornamental than functional.
It has a little gnome under the bath part, he's holding the bath bit up with his hand. It kinda looks like a tree stump.

Keep "working" on ur husband for more birdbaths. U can never have enough, LOL!
I think I have a little 'OCD' when it comes to new things I get into, LOL.

Well Wallabee, I shall be looking out for more 'news' from u, it's great to meet new ppl.

Cheers from Green :-)

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HA ha and hi Green
I completely understand that, as I too have wondered about myself with getting into new things in a big way! I joined this forum about a year ago I think but I didn't really get into it until I got my new camera and also started walking in the mornings early. But in our defence.... I know heaps of people who can only concentrate on the latest hobby at a time!!

For Xmas my husband bought me a pair of binoculars and a recording device. It was a good recorder but the first thing I asked was whether it could download Wav or MP3 formats to my computer to use with my bird stuff!! Of course they hadn't thought of that ion the shop . So....back it goes and I'll have to find something that works.
Any suggestions of good recorders for bird calls that aren't too expensive would be very welcome

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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