G'day from the Gold Coast

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G'day from the Gold Coast

Hi to every one,
I have been lurking for a short while.
I'm a very keen Photographer but specialise in plants.
While bushwalking I see a lot of wild life including Bugs Frogs and Birds.
I will try to include some of my Bird Pic's soon.

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G'day Kell, and welcome.

It's always good to see a new face. We look forward to you sharing some of your photo's with us.

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Thank you Gelmir,

I am also on several Gardening and Bug Guide forums.
So I will try to visit a lot.

I still having a lot of catching up to do.
I really liked the yellow tailed Cockatoo Thread.
Cheers kell

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Welcome Kell,
I am new here, just like you, being member for a month or so. This is a very good web site, I must say. Enjoy it as we do! :)

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Thank You Alexandra,

I am sure I will.
I'm goimg through some of my old Pic's worthy of posting here.
This site sets a very high standard.


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