G'day from Gold Coast Hinterland

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G'day from Gold Coast Hinterland

Like some others, I have used this site before to help identify birds but didn't realise until tonight there was a forum section which allowed people to post photos of birds they have come across. Now that I am have joined, I am looking forward to sharing photos of regular visitors we have at our place. Cheers for now. Dani.

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G'day Dani, we look forward to seeing your photos. I believe the Gold Coast Hinterland would be a great place for birds.


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Hi Andy.

Just started posting some photos. We get heaps of different birds up our way and in addition, we also have also looked after injured birds and rehabbed them and where possible released them - we have also adopted a few over the years, including some galahs and long bill corellas.

Our visitors include rosellas, long and short bill corellas, butcher birds, pied butcher birds, pied currawongs, rainbow loris and scaly breasted loris, kookaburras, sulphur crested cockies, king parrots, maggies, magpie larks, noisy mynas, spangled drongo (one to date) Will be posting a variety of photos we have taken which I hope you will enjoy.



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Welcome Dani, adn yes I can imagine the selection would be good in the GC hinterland. My favourite place to visit used to be mt Tambourine such a beautiful spot but I haven't been there for years.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Welcome Gilston and what great photos you have posted, keep them coming.

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Hi Dani!
I just joined the forum and found you are not far from us.
We live at Wongawallan near Tamborine Mountain on a few acres that butts onto National Park so we get a good assortment of birds visiing. It will be interesting to compare the species that frequent our yards!
Cheers Rob

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