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My name is Sue and I've just posted my first entry in the interesting sightings section about the Little Wattle Birds nesting in my laundry.
We live in Maroochydore central, aren't birdies, but enjoy observing our bird-life and wild-life in general.
We have the usual suspects visit and entertain - butcher birds (one in particular who serenades me with a wide repertoire of songs and mimicry), maggies, rainbow lorikeets, honeyeaters, mickey birds, a flock of cockies, the occasional pair of black cockatoos, a blue crane with neck quivering when readying to catch a little lizard, a willy wagtail who successfully raised three chicks last summer, and peewees who also raised a family in a nest on our neighbour's tv antenna in late spring. They had another shot not too long ago, but we had some windy rainy weather and I think the chicks died. The nest is utterly out in the open high above the roof with no big trees offering any shade or protection.
We have a lillypilly tree our the front which fruits heavily which attracted lots of feeding birds and created a wonderful opportunity to observe their behaviours.
I'm very keen to receive some comments about the little wattle birds nesting activities...

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Hi suze, I am in Buderim and your usual culprits sound just like mine. I see lots of wattle birds when I am walking in the mornings. Don't know much about their nesting habits though, especially in laundries!!
Welcome to the forum

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Gidday Birdie!
Thx for the warm welcome :)
It's a nice forum, I've been having a look around it.


Gidday Suze, welcome to the site
I know you will enjoy.
Are you able at some stage to post a pic of your Wattle bird please.

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Welcome Sue, good to see you here.

Cheers Raoul

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Gidday Raoul!
Thanks for the welcome :)
I've been perusing the forum threads and I noticed you've got "knees". I've got an arthritic knee, but not from jumping down off trucks!
I've been looking at some of the pics all of you post - enjoyable viewing.
Cheers Suze

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G'day Sue, welcome to the forum. Sounds like you've got a top garden for birds!
btw, what's a mickey bird?

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Gelmir, in case Sue is busy watching the wattle birds I'll answer your question about mickey birds. That is what we, in Queensland, call the noisy miner. Regards from another Sue, in Brisbane.

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Thanks sewal.

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Hi Sue,

i had never heard of Mickey birds either - and a quick look in my readers digest 'complete book of australian birds' says that Noisy Miners are also called a 'Micky' (no 'e') bird and the Yellow-throated miner is also known as a 'Mickey miner' (with e). interesting and confusing and a bit picky :)

(on a side note, my brother calls Emus 'bush chooks' - a great aussie-ism i think)


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