Greetings from Gin Gin, Qld

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Greetings from Gin Gin, Qld

I've posted a bit, but haven't introduced myself.
My name's Geoff, and I'm usually happy and sober.

I've always loved photography, but have only really started taking photos of birds since I bought a Sigma 150-500 zoom for my Nikon D300s. As it's a very slow lens I now use it on my new Nikon D7000, so I can use a much higher ISO without losing too much dynamic range.

As the saying goes, NO lens is TOO BIG when taking wildlife photos!

I live in a so-called eco-village near Gin Gin. We have a wonderful variety of birds (and frogs, lizards, snakes, etc)

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Welcome to the forum Geoff. We have a Sigma 150-500 too but it is very quick to focus so it must be a different model.
I look forward to your photos and I love your profile pic. Red-winged Parrots are one of the birds I most want to see that I haven't already.

Cheers, Owen.

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Hi there Owen
Thanks for the welcome
Yes, the Sigma is quick to focus, but I've found that anything under F8 can be soft.
I tried a lot of different settings, but most lens are a bit soft at wide open (well, not the $3,000+ lens) and it's usually sharp at 2 stops higher. When I shoot at 400 zoom +, I normally put it up to F10, just to be sure.
The great thing about the D7000 is there's no noise at 1600 iso, plus the D300s is 300 grams heavier!!

Everyone have a beautiful day

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Hi Geoff,

You've been getting some wonderful photos so that is what matters. Interesting, I was looking at this lens just yesterday with a view to possibly buying one and we were discussing that the amount of light getting in is impacted simply due to the barrel length of these type of lenses and the need to adjust for it using the same methods you mention.

All the best .. Alison

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