Greetings from Umina, NSW

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Greetings from Umina, NSW

Hi to all,

My name is Tiffany and I live on the NSW Central Coast at Umina. I have been a keen bird spotter for quite afew years and use the BiB finder frequently along with my bird guide book to identify the visitors to my large bush block.

This year was particularly fun as a pair of barking owls moved into an old cockatoo nesting hole and raised at least one chick, possibly two based on the different squeaks and wheezes that came from the tree. I had great opportunities to watch the parent owls catching prey, mostly noisy miners but I did spot a small ringtailed possum in the talons once. I do like owls!

We have many birds that visit my large (1851sqm) block of bushy, uncleared land and we share a boundary with a stretch of national park so I suppose we are additionally blessed in the tree department.

I will post some of my attempts to photograph the different birds in the photo section. I look forward to chatting about all the bird sightings and suchlike,


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Hi Tiffany,

Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you have an absolutely delightful yard! Must be awesome to see the parents catching prey, and to hear the chicks.

I would love to hear about the other birds that visit your area, and to have updates on the owls. Are they still around, or was the nesting episode a while ago?

Saw your owl photo - lovely. Looking forward to seeing more photos of the owls and other birds.


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Welcome Tiffany,talk about hitting the ground running,absolutely awesome owl shots, specially young bub!. Oh to back onto national park, nice one,lucky you!



Hi Tiffany, welcome to the forum, thanks for the great shots that you have already posted.

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G'day Tiffany, and welcome to the forum.
You certainly sound like you have a good setup for birding.
Are the Bush-stone Curlews still at Umina?

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Funny you should mention them. A couple of years back when I was working at a local high school, I observed a pair of Curlews nesting on the edge of a golf course. Then a few weeks later I read that the nest had been destroyed, possibly by dogs. A great shame and sadness. They were delightful to watch and haven't been back since.

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That's too bad. This time last year we had 3 young birds fly down here from that colony at Umina and roost temporarily at Dee Why. Two of the birds were killed by dogs, even though the area they were in is clearly marked no of-leashed dogs allowed, and the 3rd was captured and relocated back to Umina, or so I thought.

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