Hello from Balgowlah

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Hello from Balgowlah

Hi everyone,

My name is Corinne and I live in Balgowlah, NSW. My garden is home to Kookaburras, Noisy Miners, Lorikeets, Magpies,Indian Mynas, Red Wattle Birds, Crested Pigeons, Common Koels.

I enjoy watching them bathe and drink from my bird bath. I also enjoy taking photographs of them.

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Hi Corinne, a very warm welcome to the forum! We are a friendly lot, as you might have noticed? Hope you have lots of fun in your garden. Hope you are going to share some of it with all of us!!


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Welcome to the forum, Corinne! It will be lovely for you to share some of those photos of the variety of birds in your garden :)


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Welcome Corinne,
You have some nice areas near you where you can see some amazing birds, including Peregrine Falcons that should breed on the Dee Why cliffs sometime soon! :-)

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Thank you for the welcome everyone. Akos, thank you for the hint about the Peregrine Falcons - I'll look out for them. Any tips you can offer?

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