Hello from Berowra

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Hello from Berowra

Hi, I live in Berowra, just north of Sydney and next to the Ku Ring Gai Chase National Park.

I enjoy taking phots of birds, but would certainly classify myself as an amateur as far as birdwatching goes.

I have recently got a bird identification book (Simpson and Day), and am enjoying trying to use it to identify birds that I see. However enve with this the thing that got me to join this forum was seeing a bird today that I couldn't identify , but that Windhover kindly identified for me.

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Welcome Davidctr, just keep on reading that book and asking questions on here and you will know heaps in no time :)
I responded with an alternative ID in your other post. See what you think.

Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Welcome David,
Photography is very addictive and heartbreaking too at the best of times. :) Enjoy BIBY.

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