Hello from the Central Coast

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Hello from the Central Coast

Hi all,
I am from the Central Coast (halfway between Sydney and Newcastle, for those who may not know) NSW. I'm pretty new to bird watching and it's all because of this lovely fella.

This is Mags the magpie. I'm just getting started as a wildlife carer and Mags was my first baby bird. He's an utterly charming magpie who loves to sun himself.

I've also had an Olive-Backed Oriole and an incredibly lovely Azure Kingfisher.

Anyway, long story short, after caring for some of these birds I found myself increasingly aware of the other birds around the place. I've always loved photography so my new afternoon past time is sitting on my back deck trying to snap pictures of the local birdlife. I think I'm hooked!

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So you are in WIRES right? Good on ya. I am a member too, though have only been minimally active lately. Had lots of nice characters in care over the last two and a half years. Keep up the good work and trust me, birdwatching is an addictive pastime. :)

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