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Hello from Gisborne Vic

Hey there. My name is Anthony and I am really enjoying my healthy obsession with bird watching. Last year I finally purchased a half decent camera with the aim to take decent bird photos as reference for my illustrations. (which hopefully I can post on this site)

I hope you keep an eye out for me and offer any suggestions and feedback that you can. I am going to attempt to post an illustration below..... fingers crossed it works!

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welcome to this forum Anthony and wow, that is seriously beautiful illustration. Do you do that for a hobby or for a living?

You should fit right in with your healthy obsession here! Look forward to seeing some more of your stuff



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Welcome berldo,
now I see why your birds are well positioned in those great pics you posted. :)

You get good subtle tones in your B/W.(that's pencil right?)
Would eventually like to see if you've worked in colour too.
What medium do you favour and do you scale up for larger works or keep your portraits closer to lifesize?

We are all creative, but Nature brings out the natural artist.
As a kid I was amazed by Durer's animal work.
Look foward to seeing more berldo, and thanks again.


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Hey, thanks for the comments thus far.

Birdie - I currently do the illustrations for a hobby but I aim to do a collection of birds from the macedon ranges and hopefully sell them one day. I will try and post a few more on this site so keep your eye out!

Conspirator - My work is pencil and currently I am only working in black and white to keep my collection uniform. I like this medium but plan to add a splash of colour for future works. The size is just a bit larger than A4, I don't want to draw them too big because you lose a bit the birds character (especially with the smaller birds.)

Once again thanks for the comments so far. I will try and post a few more illustrations soon and any feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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