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Hello from a Newbie

Hi, I have been reading this forum for a few years and have always been keen to share what I see with other bird enthusiasts, only had some problems logging in. I am in SE
Qld, a bit in the bush and thoroughly enjoy birdwatching. At the moment I have a pair of pale-headed rosellas having their 3rd attempt at nesting in a nestbox on my house. The first 2 clutches were unsuccessful, nothing hatched. I dont hold out much hope this time either because it is now 23 days after the 5th egg was laid and nothing has hatched. Maybe they are an infertile couple.

Anyway, I'll keep you posted if anything happens and will be keen to share with you and hear of your birding stories.


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Welcome scorpios13 and how exciting for you to have those Rosella's nesting at your house. Do keep us posted.

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Welcome scorpios13, glad you are going to be part of the forum. About the infertile eggs in birds, sometimes in aging birds fertility goes down gradually. On the other hand young birds may still be to young to produce fertile eggs, or they might be stressed by dogs, cats, humans etc. Sometimes you find same sex birds paired up. Two females will lay eggs. There could be many reasons for the infertility of "your birds"? May be you will find the reason, investigating some of my suggestions. Anyway hope you are going to have a good time with the rest of us!!



Thanks for your welcome Wanda and Araminta. Still no luck with the hatching of the rosella eggs. She will abandon the nest I'd say within the next week. Thanks for your suggestions Araminta, I think they are either young or old birds. They attempted nesting in the same box in 2009 but were booted out by rainbow lorikeets, who didnt want the box but entered it anyway and scared her off her eggs. I think I will change the nest box to a deeper one for spring this year and more nesting material in the bottom. Tbey are wild birds who seemingly have tolerated nesting in a box on my house which I only put up out of curiousity because they had been looking in the gutterings and pipework I assumed for a nesting location. I understand that rosellas take quite readily to nestboxes.

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