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Hello Nick, Sydney

God!!! I love birds.. though, there are some in particular which i love the most.. I don't compare birds to their own kind as I love each one equally. Each bird has it's own natural talent and has it's own beauty in their own way like us humans. I remember the first time I got my bird when I was 8... I bought 2 budgies, 1 girl, 1 boy. The boy lived for 5 years as the girl passed away last november. I loved them both so much as when they died, I sank. Now, as a more experienced owner, I'm moving 1 step forward to try and nurture and care for a cockatiel. I havn't got one yet but I would love to have one. I've seen their attraction to humans and seen how they train and fly happily ><. lovebirds="" are="" naturally="" aggressive="" though="" i="" still="" love="" them="" it="" just="" depends="" on="" how="" you="" care="" for="" the="" bird="" itself.="" would="" also="" to="" have="" a="" green="" cheeked="" conure="" as="" they="" show="" affection="" and="" humans="" well.="" well...="" theres="" nothing="" else="" say="" though...="" bye="" :="">

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Hello Nicholas, welcome to the forum. Hope that you get those birds soon, just make sure you know how to look after it, especial large parrots. I am thinking of getting a zebra finch in the future but for now it's out of my reach. Welcome again!

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Welcome Nick. Hope you get something out of the forum and get a parrot to look after.

Cheers, Owen.

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Hi Nick welcome to the forum. Cockatiels are lovely birds but they can be very noise at times and if kept on their own, demanding at times. I've had cockatiels for years but sadly lost my first Cockatiel recently (she was a Latino, 21 years old). Enjoy your stay. :)

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