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Hello from Victoria

Hi, my name is Lauretta and I come from Wangaratta in N.E.Victoria. I have been into photography for a few years now and have quite a lot of subjects that i enjoy photographing, from lightning, reptiles, birds and many others.
Hopefully i can learn a few things from this site and be able to identify a lot more of the birds that i photograph.

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Hi birdgirl, and welcome to the forum.

I'm also new here. I have found the search feature in the forum and the website REALLY helpful in identifying birds.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

Carla Maxwell

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Hi again,
sorry I didn't see this post and answered in your raptor post.
Welcome again and I think you will find , like myself and a lot of others here, that your bird enjoyment actually increases once you know who they are and a bit more about them. There are no stupid questions as many of us knew nothing when we "stumbled upon this site" as you did !



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Thankyou Carla and Birdie.

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