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Hello everybody

My name is Kylie and i live in Sydney's Hill's district.
I have a love of photography and use this to my advantage when out and about, capturing anything that gets my attention (usually plants, birds, reptiles and insects).
We currently have a family of magpies who visit us a few times a day as well as Noisy Mynas and Rainbow Lorikeets. We have long and short billed corellas, cockatoos, galahs and other birds also frequenting the rose gardens and local parks near us.

I look forward to getting to know you and sharing my love of birds with you all.


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Welcome aboard Kylie. Alwyas room for another shutterbug. I decided to get back into photography in June during a trip to Sydney. You gotta love the Hawksbury. I'd never been that far south before and just loved the countryside. It took me 5 hours to drive the Putty Road because of the birds and scenery. I look forward to seing your work.

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