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Hello everyone

Hi everyone.
I am new to Birds in backyards .I love birds very much , ever since I was a little boy back home in Greece.
There are a lot of birds in my old country. But here I really found a paradise, there are so many kinds of birds in Australia and I am so pleased.
I my backyard I have many native trees, and also I have a small birdbath so from the top floor window I observe the birds, either feeding in the garden, collecting insects for their young ,which are usually across the P ark from my house .Or watch them taking a bath in the morning hours .
Particularly a pair of magpies which take bath in turns while the other one keeps watch

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Hi Christopher welcome i am also relativly new to this site. I have just finished my native garden and put in bird baths and i am enjoying seeing the first lot of birds to use my baths and flowers. I am very happy to see others like me in the love of birds. I am a mad keen photographer and have a lot of my photos on net at www.betterphoto.com?minsa. I am only 20 years old and live in WA and i can't wait to get to know everyone and share photos and knowledge.

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