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Hello fellow birdlovers

I am an art teacher, amateur photographer and nature lover, in particular BIRDS and since my hubby and I started feeding them, we see lots and lots of gorgeous feathered friends in our garden which allows me to get close to them with my sketch pad and camera. Looking forward to chatting with you all and seeing your photos in the forum.
I have a website if anyone is interested at http://www.lesley-smitheringale-fine-art.com

I would love you to visit my galleries on my website and of course there is a bird gallery and PLEASE let me know what you think. Lesley

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G'day Lesley. Loking forward to your pics and I will visit you site.

See Yez

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Hi Lesley, Just had a look at your site...WOW!!!
I will be too embarressed to post by mediocre pictures after seeing what you are producing! Oh well. Hope you enjoy the forum anyway!

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