Hello from near Kyogle

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Hello from near Kyogle

Hi, finally figured out how to add my bit!
I live near Kyogle in the north east corner of NSW.
My yard was once a cow paddock and my mission is to restore at least some of the indigent flora, to attract anything that is native.
I'm already(five years)getting visits from a lot of different birds,some are regulars and some have actually come to nest.
Apart from being just beautiful they are an amazing alarm when snakes or goannas are about, so I get to see them too.
My biggest surprise was hearing a Barking Owl for the first time, I thoght it was someone being murdered during the night.

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HI Vicky and welcome. I know all about the alarm calls from the local birds. You can't miss it can you?



Sunshine Coast Queensland

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Thank you birdie for your welcome, greatly appreciated.
Would you know how long young Kookaburras stay with their parents? I have a local mob of six who hang out together and seem to have done for a long time now. Vicky

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